24th - 27th JULY 2018





Welcome to the magnificent and historic Portuguese city of Guimarães, where in 2018 will take place the first Portucale Dance Award (PDA), from 24th till 27th July.


Guimarães, worldwide UNESCO Patrimony of Mankind for 16 years, was afterwards chosen to be ‘Culture’s Capital’ in 2012, being since then a major cultural events stage.


PDA is an annual event and it applies to dance students of all nationalities and embraces dance styles such as Classical, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Character and Jazz.


This project rises with the mission to support young dancers in their dance education, through the attribution of scholarships in professional dance schools, monetary prizes, master classes and workshops with worldwide prestigious teachers.


PDA consists of multiple actions that will simultaneously be developing


Dance Competition focused on young dancers between the age of 6 and 25 that can present themselves as soloist, trio/duet or group. With a worldwide prestigious judge panel, the dance competition will be attended at the monumental “Vila Flor Cultural Center”.


Special Prize – Portucale Dance Award

Given o the soloists considered “ young dance revelation”, by the judge panel. This prizes are meant to support both professional and artistic career of  young dancers.



Dance Festival a showcase of choreografic works in a non competitive way and with no age limit. The Festival will be presented in open stages, assembled through the historic streets of the city of Guimarães.


Masterclasses in the areas of Classical Dance technique and Contemporary Dance, with internationally well-known teachers.

 Guimarães, Portugal